Why get a growth audit from a single marketer when you can get the opinion of many?

Introducing crowdsourced growth audits. Gain valuable insight with fullstack growth audits carried out by multiple growth marketers, all at pricing even startups can afford.

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Auditors have experience driving growth at some fine companies:
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Uber
  • Rackspace
  • Twitter

How does it work?


We start by learning as much as possible about your startup.


We match you to the right auditors based on your needs and budget.


You have a 1 hour discovery call with each of the auditors via GrowthMentor.


After your growth audits are delivered, you get an extra 1 hour review call with each auditor for a debrief.

Audits built for your stage

We recommend getting growth audits on things that matter to the stage your startup's currently in.


For when you are still struggling with ideation

Have an idea and want to take it to market but aren’t sure if it will work? Get feedback on your idea from experienced growth marketers and industry specialists and get a better feel for if it's something you should pursue or not.
Growth Auditors Involved x2
  • ico Growth Strategist
  • ico Industry Specialist

What you could get:

  • Competitor analysis and gap analysis so you don’t miss opportunities
  • Blue Ocean Strategy analysis and SWOT analysis
  • Buyer persona mapping

For when you are trying to build an MVP

After you’ve decided on your idea, you need to test it in a lean way by creating a minimum viable product (MVP). This audit will dive into different scenarios of MVP creation, and give you a wider perspective on methods you can take to execute it.
Growth Auditors Involved x3
  • ico Growth Strategist
  • ico Technologist
  • ico Project Manager

What you could get:

  • Feasibility audit on how much it will cost to build out entire solution
  • A few different ideas on how to create dummy pages instead of full MVPs to test your hypothesis
  • Technology stack audit required to make an MVP
  • Marketing strategy for how to market your MVP
Product Market Fit

For when you are trying to reach product-market fit

You’ve got a product up and running and users are signing up. This is the most important make-or-break phase. Get actionable advice on how to increase your chances of achieving product market fit.
Growth Auditors Involved x4
  • ico Growth Strategist
  • ico Copywriter
  • ico Analytics Expert
  • ico Retention Expert

What you could get:

  • Audit of your onboarding workflow
  • Audit of your support tickets with recommendations for improvement
  • Audit of your marketing automation setup
  • Audit of your self-assessed gap analysis, differentiators and value proposition
  • Cohort analysis with actionable suggestions on how to improve segmentation
Product Channel Fit

For when you’re trying to reach product-channel fit

Great. You’ve reached product-market fit. Your customers love your product! Now the fun part starts. Scaling your marketing channels. This audit is perfect for finding the perfect marketing channels to scale your growing startup..
Growth Auditors Involved x8
  • ico Growth Strategist
  • ico PPC Expert
  • ico Content Marketer
  • ico SEO Expert
  • ico Social Media Expert
  • ico Analytics Expert
  • ico Growth Hacker
  • ico Lead Gen Expert

What you could get:

  • Audit of your onboarding workflow
  • Teardown of your current PPC initiatives with suggestions to increase ROAS
  • Audit of your marketing automation setup
  • Analysis of your organic search performance using Ahrefs with dozens of high impact content marketing ideas
  • Competitor analysis for low-lying fruit link building opportunities
  • An assortment of out of the box growth hacking ideas
  • Ideas for out of the box sales cold outreach opportunities
  • Audit of your sales funnels

Ready to get your growth audited?


Awesome auditors

Growth audits are performed by vetted growth mentors. These are seriously talented marketers that also happen to be really nice people.


It's not that expensive

Similarly comprehensive growth audits (which would include 4-6 auditors) would usually start at $5,000 if you'd go with a consultant or an agency. Since these audits are crowdsourced, it's we're a much more affordable alternative.


Matched for your industry

The auditors are picked from our curated pool of Growthmentors and are hand-picked to match your use case. For example, if your startup is in the SaaS industry, we’ll make sure your auditor has experience with growing SaaS startups.


Get help from some of the best growth marketing experts in their industries.

Following the vision we had with GrowthMentor, we want to give startups easier access to the types of people that can help them problem solve growth challenges. A great way to start is by analyzing existing data.

Some people are better than others at doing that. Now that's where we come in! We compile for you an elite squad of growth experts to audit your startup from multiple perspectives, relevant to your current challenges. Whether you're at the start of your journey, or already at product market fit, added perspective could only help.

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Got questions?

If we can't answer them here, hit us up on livechat.

Who is behind Growth Audit?

Growthaudit is brought to you by the same team that created Growthmentor. We’re a bootstrapped, international team with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. We love creating valuable connections between people. It makes us happy.

How much do growth audits cost?

To put things in perspective, a base audit would be around the low three figures whereas a more comprehensive audit with a team of around 10-15 auditors could reach the high four figures. Fill in the form here and get in contact with us, we'll work something out 😉

How do I know what type of audit I need?

There’s no point in hiring multiple sales and marketing staff if you’re not at product market fit. We like to focus on what really matters, that’s why we might not accept your money if you try and purchase an audit that’s not in line with where your startup currently is at the moment. If you are not sure what stage your startup is in, we'd be happy to help you figure it out! Feel free to read this blog post to learn more about startup stages.

How can I get this?

At the moment GrowthAudit is only available for GrowthMentor subscribers. Interested and want to get in touch? Click here, let's talk!

Ready to audit your growth?